Sunday, December 2, 2012


When T-Man was in public school, he didn't like reading.  He did it....but he didn't like it.  After about 6 months of homeschooling, he loves it.  He feels no pressure to be the fastest or in his case, bad because he was one of the slowest readers in his class.  He is just reading.  Period!

He reads every day and some days his "assignment" is to read to Muffin.  She picked her favorite books, which were VERY girly, and he read them to her.  I just love seeing my children reading together.

One last thing....Muffin is wearing one of her favorite dance costumes in these pictures.  That girl would live in dance costumes if I let her.  :)

Our Nature Journals

I have seen "Nature Journals" around the homeschooling world but never tried them because I wasn't sure my kids would like them.  Boy, was I W.R.O.N.G.!  I found these great nature journal sheets at Living and Learning At Home blog.

We walked around our neighborhood looking at trees, grass, leaves, the beautiful mountains that we live so close too, etc.  After we talked about everything we saw, we came home and started drawing.  This was a great writing exercise for T-Man and Muffin dictated to me.  I love writing word for word what she says because I know one day she will look back at these and laugh. 

T-Man wrote about leaves changing color and trees losing them.

Muffin wrote about the grass turning brown, Halloween and colorful leaves.

We plan to do these once a week and by the end of each school year, they will each have a beautiful book of nature journal pages.

(We did this in October, just getting around to posting it now.)

Monopoly anyone....?

I have been wanting T-Man to learn how to play Monopoly for several reasons.  My main reason is for him to  be the banker and practice giving back change.  So we went to a second-hand store in our area and picked one up for just a few bucks!  Can't beat that!!

He was so excited that he got a little C.R.A.Z.Y. on me.  :)

 He was having so much fun....(don't you love his jeans and pajama shirt look??  That's the way we roll!)

I was starting to feel a little bad for the kid when he got "put in jail" 3 times in a row.  He just couldn't get away from the "Go To Jail" space.  He was in good spirits about it though.

He lasted about 1 1/2 hours and he learned how to give back the correct amount of change!  Lesson Monopoly....SUCCESSFUL!  :)