Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Co-Op

We are apart of a homeschooling co-op and we love it!!  We have a great group of moms and kids. Here are some of the fun activities/lessons we have done:

We love the cultural cases from BYU.  They have tons of artifacts that the kids get to hold.  The kids love them!  We really are learning so much about different cultural's from around the world.

 We went to Tracy Aviary and watched a cool bird show.  It was even interactive too!  In the next pictures, some of the kids got to hold one of the birds on their arms.  This bird is a Red Crested Turaco and his name is Kambo.

One of the other co-op moms and myself got to have a tucan jump across our arms.  :)  So much fun!  (The whole black and white shirts thing....totally coincidental!  We didn't even know the other mom.)

We always take a lunch in between the 2 classes we have on co-op day!  What's more fun than eating on a trampoline?!?

For Creative Writing, they wrote their own comic books using Ed Emberley's Thumbprint Book as their characters.  We then turned them into books.  It is so fun watching a child use their imagination .

The younger kids are learning their letters and sounds.

Here they are making the shape of the letter with their bodies.

We are all having tons of fun and we love learning together.  Lots more to come on the co-op.  

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